Upcoming Events at the ECC (Extreme Center Cali)

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The house God had supplied for us to house the Ibarra team was sold and we had to move out Nov of 2014. Again, God has supplied exactly what we need when we needed it as we look forward at the upcoming projects we have going on as well as meeting the needs of our family. We are still located within walking distance of our youngest’s school and God put a prefect school for our adopted son in our path that is only 5 blocks away. The home we now have has potential with some construction projects to house our large groups probably for the next two years until we ramp up our church planting. It is in a great, quiet location with parks nearby and the church just a 15 – 20 min walk. I am posting some pictures below of the new place we call home and the ECC.

We have just recently solidified the activities happening at the ECC for the next 6 months. Take a look.

March 31 – April 13 — Hosting a short term project several from our home town of Missoula, MT (up to 6 people). They will be helping us prepare the house for the Cordoba team.

April 21 – May 21 — Training the Cordoba, Argentina Church Planting Team (full team of 14 adults and 4 children)

June 6 – 9 — Hosting a portion of the Extreme Board’s Vision Tour (7-10 people)

June 14 – 21 — Hosting the first week of 40 Days Experience

July — Travel to the US for 5-6 weeks

TBD – Training the Antofagasta, Chili Church Planting Team

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8th Annual International Master’s Plan Convention & Plant Updates

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We hosted a group of 10 people from Sept 21 – 30, 2014 for the 8th annual International Master’s Plan Convention. There were 7 from the US and 3 from Extreme’s church plant in Ibarra, Ecuador. Those from the US came from many parts including CA, CO, KS, AZ, and FL. They were a diverse group who really meshed well together, we had lay people to Pastors. God was really moving; it was hard to go to bed sometimes as there were deep conversations going on. God was speaking to everyone. It was great to serve those who serve so much in their own churches. We were able to share with them the vision of Extreme and the Extreme Center Cali. The international guest speakers were excellent. See pictures of their time with us in the slideshow below.

Church Plant Updates from teams we have trained. You can also stay updated on Extreme’s Blog.

Ambato, Ecuador………….They are in the process of a leadership hand-off. The church plant team will finish their work in Ambato in Feb of 2015. They are handing off various responsibilities of the church to the national leaders that have been raised up in the new church plant. They are finishing with their 1st of 2 construction teams building the church. The second one arrives in Nov with the inauguration scheduled on Nov 30.

Ibarra, Ecuador………….This new church running at 100 after 7 months needed to add a second Sunday service. Last Sunday there were at a combined attendance of 115 but Pastor Yoan says if everyone would show up at one time they would be at 150. They are already in search of property for their church build this fall.

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Carrie Goldsmith Vision Tour

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We had the pleasure of having Carrie Goldsmith with us the first week in August. She will be a mobilization coordinator out of Boise, ID starting in Sept. She joined us after traveling to Ecuador to see the tail end of Love Extreme, the 40 Day Experience in action and attend service in the church plant in Ambato. In Cali, she was able to see this church in action as well, taking in all the events in the week possible including Sunday service, consolidation, Saturday morning youth prayer, Saturday evening youth service, a few houses of prayer, Tues. 4am prayer and the Wed. prayer and fasting service. She also got highlights on the Master’s Plan from Sandra and Vincent. She really enjoyed learning how they provide the tools and equip you to make disciples. She fit right in with our family, even doing some reading time with our Wellington (her Spanish pronunciation is good on his bilingual books).


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Training Ibarra 2 & Extreme Team Members

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The 2nd half of the Ibarra, Ecuador Church Plant Team and many other Extreme team members were with us for training from May 27 until July 3, 2014.   Last November/December, we trained the 1st half of the team who is currently in the field hard at work. During our time between teams we have some work to do updating our blog with the new logo of Extreme. Check back soon for the new fresh look of the future.


International Master’s Plan Convention Sept 2014

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Masters Plan Promo

The Cali, Colombia Church of the Nazarene is putting on their VIII annual Master’s Plan Convention. It’s not learning a strategy, it’s seeing what is possible and connecting with God in amazing ways.
I, Vincent Cork, have put together through Extreme Nazarene Missions an economic hosting package to encourage US CotN leaders to come. I have desire to see the US church continue in its awakening to prayer and continue to be purposeful in its discipleship. Since God blessed us with a place to host Extreme’s church-planting teams during their Master’s Plan training, I choose to use it as a thank you to the Cali church for all their support in our endeavor within our mission, Extreme South America (XSA). 
Attached is a flyer with information about the package. It is eight days, costing $490 which includes everything but flights. You can register thru Extreme (1 877 RU EXTREME) and we will take care of everything, even booking the flights. Once you register, we put you on a payment plan if you choose with an estimated cost for flights… very hassle free. Please call right away as our accommodations are limited.



Ibarra, Ecuador Church Plant Team Nov 21 – Dec 19, 2013

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We hosted the Ibarra Church Plant team in Nov/Dec 2013 along with the new Pastors of the Cercado Church in Arequipa, Peru who took over the church that Brian Tibbs, director of Extreme, started with his 4040 team 2 years ago.  They all stayed with us for 30 days. A miraculous thing happened right before their arrival. We were able to move into a new house with more space 5 days before they arrived. We and many others had been praying for this house for over a year and God moved in mighty ways. Our training coordinator, Sandra Villa, was a huge help in making this happen along with the Prairie Lakes team of Pastors who were with us in Cali before the Ibarra team arrived and were prayer warriors for this house. Thank You!

The slideshow below captures many of the wonderful times and memories made while they were here in Cali, Colombia for their training in the Master’s Plan before their deployment to the city of Ibarra. This team did some incredible bonding during their time here and it was a blessing to watch them blossom in their relationships together and see the formation of the pairs in the young women especially. It is an honor to have so much time getting to know all of those coming into full time service with Extreme Nazarene Ministries. To God be all the glory as we watch this team expand God’s territory in Ibarra, winning souls for Christ.

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Vision Casting, Oct 11-15, 2013

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We were privileged to host the Vision Team for 4 days. They came to Cali first, then went onto Quito and Ambato, Ecuador to get a first hand experience of the work of Extreme. We essentially “cast” the vision of our work. Each of them are looking at a position within Extreme Nazarene Ministries. Here are a few of the comments from their time in Cali.

“Participating in the vision tour has shown me that God works mightily through the obedience of Extreme discipleship. WOW! Cali was nothing that I expected. Instead of a drug and violence ravaged city without God, I saw the mighty hand of God redeeming a people because of the fervent persistence and obedience of a few Christians. What an example for us!”

“I encourage you to seek God in a more profound, deeper and intentional way. If you allow yourself to being open to his call, his guidance, and his purpose in your life, he will surely use you. Extreme Nazarene can help you get in tune with that very same God, and in turn your most deepest desire will be to serve Him! Wherever he may call, simply to serve Him!”

We look forward to the opportunity and privilege to share with more people who want to capture the vision of the work of Extreme.